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How To Stream As a DJ on SonicPanel?

To stream as a DJ in SonicPanel, please follow the below-mentioned steps:



Download and install any stream/broadcast software program. For eg: VirtualDJ, Sam, AltaCast, Butt Encoder, RadioBOSS, Winamp DSP etc.



1. Assuming you have one. Provide the following information on your broadcast/stream program, in the encoder or radio settings:

Radio Option: Choose Shoutcast v1 or Shoutcast on your DJ stream program, even if the radio is icecast or scv2.
DJ Port:

2. Later provide other configure such as bitrate, quality, encoder options according to your needs and radio.

3. Start to stream now.


To connect and stream as a DJ, the AutoDJ of the radio must be online.
DJs have to choose shoutcast v1 protocol or shoutcast server option on their stream program always!

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