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How to Troubleshoot HTTP 500 Error

500 Internal Server Error (Most Common Causes)

500 Internal server errors in WordPress can be caused by many things. If you’re experiencing one, there’s a high chance one (or more) of the following elements is causing the issue:

  • Browser Cache.
  • Incorrect database login credentials.
  • Corrupted database.
  • Corrupted files in your WordPress installation.
  • Issues with your database server.
  • Corrupted WordPress core files.
  • Corrupted .htaccess file and PHP memory limit.
  • Issues with third-party plugins and themes.
  • PHP timing out or fatal PHP errors with third-party plugins.
  • Wrong file and folder permissions.
  • Exhausted PHP memory limit on your server
  • Corrupted or broken .htaccess file.

Where should you start troubleshooting when you see a 500 internal server error on your WordPress site?

1. Try Reloading the Page
2. Clear Your Browser Cache



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